Adult ballet

Ballet can be great for grownups, too!

Many of us remember taking ballet classes as kids. It was great fun. We jumped around, we got to wear tutus, we pointed and flexed. But life moved on. Maybe we got into other activities, or the family money just ran out, or we decided to prioritize school work ahead of dance. It's all part of our chosen life path.

Now, as adults, we might look back on those ballet days and wonder, "What if?" But the idea of wearing a leotard and tights, and performing on stage, is no longer so enticing. And pointe shoes? Please.

But there are a lot of things that are appealing: long, lean muscles; a great cardio workout; improving balance, flexibility and strength; learning better turn technique and posture; moving smoothly and gracefully; having fun with a group of friends. Yeah, that all sounds great!

That's what our adult ballet class will focus on. You can wear regular workout clothes (sweats, leggings, tank tops, etc.) and bare feet are fine. We'll never wear pointe shoes. We may do some jumping, but I'll show you how to modify if you prefer not to. I'll never ask you to put your foot behind your head, or stand on your back to get your straddle split all the way to the floor!

But we will work on flexibility, strength, footwork, turning, arm positioning and core strength. We'll use a variety of music--some classical and a LOT of contemporary. We'll be silly. And I hope you enjoy!

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